We live in deeds and not in years: An astrological perspective


Karma is the key to our life. Be it good or bad, the results are yielded in our subsequent life. There is not a single creature in the whole world who can escape the clutches of Karma. There is not a single moment where we can stay without performing any deed. It has a tremendous impact on our lives. No matter what the situation is, you cannot simply deny it. It is something like Damocles’ sword hanging above our heads. It is worth mentioning that Karma is actually the memory of the soul. It is like a huge piece of luggage you carry from one birth to another. A kind of lingering effect. If your deeds are good, you are awarded and vice versa. So make sure you have come to the world to do good work. We have a control over the present tense only.

The Astrological Perspective. The Many sidedness of Karma.

The Alacrity we need to avoid any inconvenience:

In the natural zodiac ( Kal purush), there are twelve signs, starting from Aries to Pisces. The fifth house of the zodiac structure determines the Karma house or the Prarabdha. Let us assume, the fifth house lord is Mercury and if it combines with Venus or Sun in proper state and degree, the individual will reap the maximum benefits from this combination. It can work as Raj yoga, making him or her touch the dizzy height of success and triumph!

Again if the fifth house lord is Mars ( for Cancer ascendant especially) is in its debilitated sign of Cancer and its house is occupied by an extremely auspicious planet Jupiter, opposite Raj Yoga will form! Highly beneficial to the individual. There are many more to it, as the Prarabdha ( the fifth house) plays a pivotal role in our life. On the other hand, there are certain few things on Karma or the Karmic Cycle. First, Karma doesn’t have an expiration date. So long you are on this earth your Karma will chase you like the clouds in the sky chased by the dollops of sunshine.

There is no respite, no peace. And results will be produced by your every action. Secondly, Karma suggests that there is a reason behind the presence of every person in your life. It is not a matter of chance and coincidence. Such people are somehow or the other were connected to you in your past life. The only thing is that we don’t remember our past, or else the present life will be in a state of jeopardy! Thirdly, Your Karma determines the kind of life you will live.

The kind of progress you will envisage in your life. The sweetness of success you will taste! We often opine that luck is the final matter, but the equation is: Karma + Destiny = Result.

Destiny follows the action. Destiny cannot be activated without the support of Karma or Deed! Fourthly, Karma has the power to reverse the roles. Say for instance your parents were either your siblings or children in the previous birth, and have come down to you as your parents now. However, it actually banks on the kind of bond nurtured in the previous birth, whose vibration has followed to cater a new picture to this life!

And last, but not the least, Karma reiterates to produce new results. If you go on making the same blunder repeatedly, the hands of Karma will not leave you until good thoughts prevail upon you. Karma is not just about punishment or reward, it is something more. It is both about appreciation and realization! Thus whatever we pursue, we need to take care of our every thought, every step, every action to please the Lord!


Life is full of ups and downs. And nothing in this world is counted more than your good deeds. In the Bhagavat Gita ( Karma Yoga), the Lord has beautifully stated the impact of Karma in our life. He has even opined, ” Arjuna, I really have nothing to gain or loss. Yet I perform my work, else the whole world will follow me and the creative cycle will suffer a lot”. So we ought to remember that life is one and we need to extract the best out of it!!

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