The Transits, The Determiners!


When we prepare a natal chart or make probable predictions based on that chart, they are fixed. But the current time of an individual is determined by the effect of transits of different planets in the solar system. However, it is to be borne in mind that that effect is transitory and the results will not be the same for all. After all the natal chart tells the final story!

The impact of the planetary positions on the various zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces :

A Brief Analysis:

Aries: Aries individuals should take care of their health and needs. A sort of relief is there as Jupiter has already transited to Bharani Nakshatra. The communicative power will improve. Mother’s health too will improve. Above all, there is a high chance of higher education. But put control on your expenditures and indomitable nature which includes excessive bravery, adamance and anger.

Taurus: Your financial status will be very good. Take care of your mother’s health. Health hazards can be there. Keep a watch on it.

Gemini: The health will be fine. Your new opportunities for growth and expansion will be there. A little bit more concentration is needed for people to have a basic education. The financial status is good. Love Marriage relations can be seen.

Cancer: The Venus in the sign will yield good results. Financial status is good. Avoid being prodigal. Health issues can be there. Improvement in social relations is noticed

Leo: A sense of tremendous potential and potency is noticed. High range of activity owing to the conjunction of Saturn and Mars. Career and financial growth are very much in view. Blood-related issues may be there. Track and keep a watch on your expenditure and earning. Above all hidden enemies can be active. Take measures and act accordingly!

Virgo: The sign Lord Mercury is with Sun in Gemini. This Raj Yoga will bring development in all spheres. The Ketu being in the second house might create a usual interest in buying electronic gadgets and other accessories and indulge in a waste of money. Relations will improve. The rest is fine.

Libra: The Ketu being in this sign might crop up health problems especially the waist down zone. Good financial growth. Disturbance in the relationship area. The academic zone is good for people pursuing higher education.

Scorpio: The zodiac lord is present in the tenth house, signifying new job opportunities. The financial status will be average. Do not lose your sense of wisdom. Anxiety about the mother’s health is there. There is no such major health issue except for small accidents. Take care while driving, crossing the roads and climbing the stairs!!

Sagittarius: The Lord is with Rahu. The health is to be taken care of. The finance will be extremely well off as Saturn is from the eleventh house of the zodiac. Obstacles in the higher studies. Don’t lose patience, act step-wise will be much benefitted.

Capricorn: At present going through the relief phase of Saturn’s Saresati. Financial constraints will be there. The health is to be taken care off, especially from 17 June to 4 November as Saturn is in a retrograde state and in Satavisha nakshatra (Rahu). Relationships will be on the average edge. Finance is more or less good.

Aquarius: These individuals are undergoing the peak phase of Shani’s Saresati. Relationships will dwindle at times. High scope for higher education and research studies. Expenditures will be high. The mother’s health is to be monitored. Gynaecological problems can be there.

Pisces: The first phase of Shani’s Saresati has just begun. The twelfth house Saturn might prove detrimental to health and spouse. The financial growth is limited. Support from near and dear ones will not be very much! The educational phase is quite good!


It is to be borne in mind that the ‘positions’ keep on changing. But how good wishes and Karma will yield the final result. No matter how good your horoscope is, the deeds matter more than anything else! So keep the faith in Lord!!

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