The Inscrutable Destiny: Decides the times, shows the path, seeks the solution: The Fact to be Confessed: An Analysis


Destiny plays a pivotal role in the life of the poor mortals. And it is beyond any hue of doubt that this destiny is in reality an impact of the planets and their respective functions in the cosmos. Good and bad times are a part and parcel of this life. Delight and Sorrow follow the same cycle. But in the hour of crisis, we become confounded and run from pillar to post with the desperate urge for seeking apt remedies! And we make a thorough quest for the right person to show us the right path! They are none but the best astrologers in Kolkata who have a deep insight into our future to a certain degree! However, we need to remember that we ought to consult someone who is empathetic, rational, logical, trustworthy, and above all reliable! 

The Various Aspects which make consult a top astrologer in Kolkata: 

Our life is beset with difficulties. The obstacles put us in a high-and-dry situation. And the pretty good factors are finance, studies, marital life, love life, career, success, health, and many more which keep us teased time and again. Now a word for each : 

Finance : Finance or Monetary factor play a significant role in our life. The financial status doesn’t always remain steady. The ups and downs form an integral part of the story. It a high time to consult an astrologer in Baguiati, Kolkata. It is to be noted that rahu’s vision in the second house, the combination of Venus and Mars, and above all Jupiter or Saturn in the twelfth house create financial hurdles, which ought to be resolved through proper stones, mulas, or kavaj! 

Studies: A person without knowledge is the most cursed individual in the whole world. This section is primarily determined from the fourth and fifth houses of the natal chart. If such houses are afflicted with malefic planets like Rahu and Ketu, disruption may take place. So a detailed consultation becomes a matter of compulsion! 

Martial Life: The seventh house determines our marital life. The house, if occupied with auspicious planets, life is going to be highly enjoyable. Moreover, Venus and Mars look after our sex segment of marital life. Weakness or affliction of any kind is not a desirable factor at all. You need to consult to bring back the golden moments of love and intimacy! 

Love life : The third house looks after the love life. If the third house lord is placed in sixth , eight and twelfth house or afflicted in any manner, separation in love life becomes an inevitable factor! So look before you leap! 

Career and Success: Career and Success share a hand-in-glove relationship with one another. Both are governed by the tenth and seventh houses. The luck is of ninth house. Thus if there is a compatible combination of the ninth and tenth houses lords or planets, Raj yogas are formed. However, other factors are to be analyzed before drawing a conclusion! 

Health : Health is the greatest wealth. The Lagna Lord decides our health and desires. If the Lagna lord is afflicted, health issues might crop up. Suppose if the Lagna lord moon is placed in the eight house ( Aquarius, house of Saturn) for the cancer ascendant, health issues are likely to happen. But if Jupiter aspects this moon, Gajareskari Raj Yoga is formed. The miraculous transformation indeed! The mysterious. Yet consultation is a must to tide over the problems coming on our way ! 

Conclusion : 

Often astrologers of repute opine that no matter where your planets are placed on your natal chart, it is the planet in the ascendant or the ascendant lord which decide our destiny. In fact, the Lagna is the most important factor to be reckoned with! Still, if you are in a single problem, no matter big or small, consult,  as there is no other option! The act of divinity dictates that Karma is the ultimate to turn the tide in your favour, believe it or not!!

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