Saturn: The Planet Of Discipline Order, Law, Values, and Karma: A View


Saturn is the most royal planet in the solar system. It represents discipline, law, order, values, and karma. It is the most feared planet. But in reality, there is nothing to be afraid of. Saturn is a karmic planet. It is a separative planet too. Saturn loves solitude and solitude leads to self-growth and development. The difference between Jupiter and Saturn is the former does benefit the houses where its vision rests. But Saturn fetches in a strong time of test depending upon its vision in the third, seventh, and ninth houses of an individual’s natal chart. On the other hand, the difference between Mars and Saturn is the former loves to undertake risks, unlike the latter one. In other words, Saturn gives results on the basis of one’s deeds in this world! 

The impact of Saturn in the various houses of the natal chart: 

Saturn in the first house makes the individual reserved and serious in the various spheres of life. The individual is organized and has a lot of energy. But if the planet is debilitated, the individual may have to undergo tremendous hardships in the early years. It is worth mentioning that Saturn is powerless in Aries ( the house of Mars) and exalted in Libra ( the house of Venus). In the second house, the planet may limit the financial growth or accumulation of money as we know the second house is the house of ‘Dhanabhav’. Saturn gives an extremely good result in the third house ( known as the Upachay house). The individual has excellent communication skills. However, it is to be taken into consideration that it doesn’t come in touch with any malefic planet. Moreover, Saturn in the fourth house makes an individual lover of peace and harmony.

Besides, the health of the mother is to be cared for as she ages. In fact, the individual’s mother is disciplined, unbiased, and loyal by nature. The fifth house deals with children and higher studies. In both these aspects, Saturn provides fabulous results. It is to be noted that Saturn provides desirable results in the higher studies and not essentially at the basic level during the intense span of Sare sati. Saturn might put one in the grip of diseases, legal issues, and other undesirable occurrences in the sixth house, but other factors should also be considered. The seventh house represents spouses, married life, and employment. Good results are here. But there should not be any hurry, a proper plan and its subsequent execution are absolutely essential here. The eighth house is the house of death and destruction.

Saturn in the eighth house cripples a person. Saturn doesn’t cause death but teaches the toughest lessons of life. The theory was propounded by Khana, the first female astrologer of her time. The planet, if rules the ninth house ensured growth and support but hard work matters a lot. It gives everything but in a gradual manner. And once it gives you, you don’t have to look back! The tenth house is the house of Karma. Good placement can make one a good engineer or any other reputed technical professional. But the reverse can make one a rolling stone that never gathers moss! The eleventh house is the house of earning. Sources mature and give good results. But in the twelfth house, it ensures financial loss, hospitalisation, laziness, and foreign travel. Thus this section is very important as the transit may give any one of it to purify the heart and soul. 

Some simple paths to follow: 

There are two ways to turn the tide in your favour. First, do not complain about the situation you are made to fall in. And secondly, indulge in speaking the truth from a practical point of view.

Conclusion : 

Work and results complement each other. And the result shapes the destiny of tomorrow. Saturn determines the whole matter. He is not cruel nor oppressive by nature. But surely balances both ends before yielding any result. So, we all must focus on our work, no matter how simple or tough it is! After all, karma supported by luck gives the result!! 

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