Saturn : The Mysterious : The Ambiguous : The Symbol of Truth And Justice : An Analysis

General Introduction on Saturn: 

Saturn is the sixth planet of our utopian solar system. A cold planet decked up with cold white rings. Yet the planet carries a paramount importance in the world of astrology. The significance cannot be denied or ignored or overlooked in the wildest of one’s dreams!

The background of Saturn

Saturn is the son of Surya and Chaya. He is often called Chaya Putra. However, there is a continuous conflict between the father and his powerful son, much to the dismay of the poor mortals. The world of Saturn is enormous and his position in one’s natal chart matters to a great extent while analysing by an expert! Saturn is a natural malefic. This is completely a prejudice as Saturn is always there to shower his blessings on us, banking on our deeds and actions!

The Span of Saturn in each house. His Friendly Houses. The result in Various Combinations: 

The planet stays in a house for a span of two and a half years. But it is to be noted that this planet of justice doesn’t give the desired result in every single house it occupies in the natal chart. There are twelve zodiac signs, starting from Aries, the first house to Pisces, the twelfth house of the natural zodiac. Saturn is powerless in Aries as it is the exalted  house of Sun. As they are opposite to one another and share a sort of animosity! In Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra ( the exalted house) of Saturn gives unbelievable good results, provided the planet doesn’t conjugate with its enemies like Mars and Ketu.

In Aquarius and Capricorn , Saturn gives good results. They are its own houses. And Sagittarius and Pisces are its neutral houses. They are Jupiter’s houses. But a thing to note that here Saturn limits everything and doesn’t essentially allow you to be a free bird! Of this entire discourse, it is also important to focus on the exceptions. The combination of Saturn and Sun in friendly zodiacs like Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces proves to be bearing a huge potential for the boy or girl.

This Saturn forms the Raj Yoga if it conjugates with Venus in Libra in appropriate star and degree. The planet ensures a high level of creativity if it combines with moon, though this yoga is called ‘Vish Yoga’. The reason is obvious. Mental anxiety and mother’s poor health are the prime results of this combination. Similarly Saturn and Rahu together is called as Shrapit Yog ( The Cursed Combination) , but in reality it ensures a high level of courage and confidence even in the dire situation. Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu has this combination in her natal chart.

The Most Discussed Factor on Saturn : Sade Sati : A View

However, the most concerned aspect of Saturn is Sade Sati. The expression frightens everyone. But believe it or not, it is a huge blessing at times, depending on the placement in your Lagna Chart and of course your Karma. During this particular time, the central zodiac and the other two houses placed on either sides undergo ‘Sade Sati’ – the time of test and tolerance! Pains, sufferings, loss of money, energy and above all kith and kin become the order of the day. But the magnitude depends on the position of Saturn in the natal chart, its conjugation, ruling stars, degrees and vision.

Saturn looks at the third, seventh and tenth house from where it is placed. However, the ‘God of Justice’ plays a pivotal role in shaping the destiny. There are numerous examples where ‘Sade Sati ‘ has resulted in huge success, offered high positions, enhanced the bank balance and spread popularity far and wide. It is worth mentioning people like Swami Vivekananda and Indira Gandhi reached the dizzy height of triumph and victory during this phase of seven and a half years.


Astrologically Saturn conjugates with moon to spawn ‘Vish Yog’. Saturn once punished moon for his ill acts and motives against his sister Yami. And warned moon, despite the fact that moon is always protected by Shiva, the creator of Shani Maharaj! Hence Saturn or Shani always keeps a hawk eyed vigil on moon! Ipso facto there is not a single creature who can shun the iron clutches of Saturn. But the ‘Father’ is always with us, takes care of every single need, loves us, punishes us and above all teaches the morals and values of our life! Any explanation?

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