How Is Rahu Transit 2023 Going To Affect the Other Zodiac Signs?

As per the current Vedic astrology determinations, Rahu is set for transit on 30 October 2023 from Aries to Pisces. The transit will be having financial and negative effects on the other zodiac signs as well. Rahu symbolises materialism and desires, and its transit to Pisces will change the other zodiac signs. Some positive effects include financial gains, provocation of discoveries and openings of foreign travel. On the other hand, the negative effects include the generation of feelings of despair, confusion, sadness and laziness among different zodiac signs.

When Rahu is alone, the effects of Saturn are seen on the zodiac signs. Otherwise, the effects keep on changing according to the zodiac signs. To understand the effects of Rahu’s transit on different zodiac signs, read on.

What are the effects of Rahu’s transit on other zodiac signs?


The transit will place Rahu in the 12th house and Ketu in the 6th house. It presents a rollercoaster journey for Aries. They will focus on developing their capabilities and will be successful in work-related foreign trips. Old disputes might crop up again and get ready to bear unexpected expenses. They have to keep a clear mind and make rational decisions.


Rahu will take the position of the 11th house, and Ketu will settle in the 5th house. This will cause the income levels to increase and lead the natives towards ambitious goals in life and careers. Also, it is a good time for married couples to start family planning.


It is a positive time for the Gemini natives as they can plan changes in their professional careers at this time if they want. It is also a good time for business entrepreneurs to make positive investments. Rahu will settle on the 10th house and Ketu on the 4th house. Health and business both will be on the positive side.


During the transit, Rahu will be placed in the 9th house, whereas Ketu will settle in the 3rd house. The native with this zodiac sign will experience changes in self-confidence and self-esteem and will face challenges in the workplace. It is also a good time for the students to enroll in their desired course and succeed.


This transit will have mixed effects on Leo. Rahu will settle in the 8th house and Ketu in the 2nd house. Leos will face challenges at work and develop an interest in spiritual fields. For smokers and drinkers, this is not a good time. Moreover, during this time, you should support your spouse with all marital decisions.


Rahu will settle in the 7th house and Ketu in the 1st house of Virgo. During this period, the health and emotional quotient of the natives will be disturbed. You’ll encounter professional and personal changes in your life and will be more inclined towards the spiritual aspects. Even if there are problems in the mental condition, you must stay calm and make rational decisions.


The transit of Rahu will bring auspicious and positive situations for the natives, with Libra as their zodiac sign. During the transit, Rahu sits on the 6th house, and Ketu sits on the 12th house. The transition will bring about an increased desire to excel in every sphere of professional development. Since Ketu is also involved, the native will also experience a spiritual awareness and inclination.


Rahu will sit on the 5th house and Ketu on the 11th house for all Scorpio natives. This is a good time for the natives to revive their entangled relationships. For Scorpios, this is a financially positive time as their incomes will increase. For students as well, hard work will pay off.


Rahu will sit on the 4th house, whereas Ketu will reside on the 10th house and make a work-life balance for all Sagittarius natives. It is not a good time for politics. Moreover, if you plan to migrate from one place to another, this is an ideal time.


The transit of Rahu in the 3rd house and Ketu in the 9th house will bring in a bag full of surprises for the native under the Capricorn zodiac sign. There will be less family conflicts and more harmony. It is an exciting phase for business entrepreneurs to start on new projects.


For Aquarius, Rahu’s transit will bring positivity to finances, domestic situations, and communications. The natives will be able to control the unnecessary expenses. However, to avoid problems at the domestic forefront, the natives must think well before they speak.


Rahu will settle in the 1st house, and Ketu will settle in the 7th house during the transit. For Pisces, this is a rollercoaster ride. Patience level will go down, and natives will make hasty decisions. Also, it would be best if you avoided unnecessary disputes with your spouse. This phase can bring professional hazards if the native doesn’t keep a cool mind.

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