Reflect on the Saturn’s Retrograde Transit Through Capricorn

Saturn is the planet that imposes rules, restrictions and obligations in a native’s life. As per the astrological cycle, Saturn retrogrades every year for four and a half months. Unlike the other planets, Saturn’s transit lasts longer, allowing the native to get acquainted with the energy that the planet generates. Saturn’s retrograde transit makes the native experience important life lessons.

Here is a brief idea about the effect of Saturn’s reprobate transit through Capricorn on the other planets.

Influence on Aries

Aries might initially encounter hurdles in career advancement during Saturn’s retrograde. However, they must put more effort into the workplace to show their authority. The Aries will acquire a lot of knowledge in the process.

Influence on Taurus

Taurus natives will gain spiritual lessons and create new guidelines about what they want to learn. However, the Taurus natives must be aware that they have to face some harsh realities and rigid attitudes during this phase.

Influence on Gemini

Gemini natives will start building intimate relationships with close people. This will help them become comfortable and get an insight into who they truly are.

Influence on Cancer

This phase will influence the cancer native to accept challenges and solve problems cropping up in their relationship and life. They will become more responsible and accountable for all their actions. It is a good time for the couples as they will grow their relationship and become responsible.

Influence on Leo

Leo has always been under pressure to manage a healthy lifestyle, follow work habits, and maintain a proper daily routine. However, will this phase give them time to access different aspects of their daily life? They will be able to manage between productivity and self-care

Influence on Virgo

This phase will help them overcome the long-term barriers and focus more on happiness. Virgos will start doing things that make them happy and stop wasting time on things that make them tired.

Influence on Libra

Libras will concentrate on making their family life the top priority. They will also start analysing the emotional responsibilities that they have been taking for so long.

Influence on Scorpio

This face will affect the Scorpios by helping them push beyond their boundaries. Since Saturn is a planet of rules, the Scorpios will take proper care before speaking during this face to avoid discretion.

Influence on Sagittarius

This phase is ideal for the Sagittarius because it will help them balance the money spent and save. This is a good time for them to make long-term investments for their future security.

Influence on Capricorn

This phase will help the Capricorns to find a better version of themselves. Their struggling times will be over, and they can now take responsibility and become a competent person.

Influence on Aquarius

This is the best time when the Aquarius will start thinking and investigating their feelings. They can escape their pain, sorrow, and isolation and live happily.

Influence on Pisces

Pisces will be required to tighten or sometimes loosen their boundaries around their social world. This is the best time to sit and reflect on the same.

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