How Does Mars Transit Through Aquarius Impact All Moon Signs?

The planet Mars generally transits from Capricorn to Aquarius and migrates into Pisces. The transit of Mars on Aquarius brings in a combination of highly impulsive energy levels along with restrictions and disciplinary actions imposed by the presence of Saturn on the planet. Hence, this transit shows a significant effect on the natives of other Moon signs as well.

Do you want to know more? Contact a professional astrologer in Kolkata for details of the same. Read on to get a simplified idea of the effect of Mars transit through Aquarius and its effect on other Moon signs.

Mars transit through Aquarius and effect on the rest of the Moon signs


Mars is the personal planet of Aries, and hence, this transit has a positive effect on it. It is the best time to claim rewards and get promotions and increments in professional life. Financial stability and emotional wellness will be at their highest.


Taurus will benefit from this transit as they will gain professionalism and prove their calibre in the professional field. However, there can be turmoil in one’s personal life.


This transit will bring financial gains, luck and fortune to the Geminis. Personal relationships will also be moderately good.


Cancerians, on the contrary, will face problems in their professional life. For people in business, there are better times to take loans. You might also face ego problems in your personal life.


Leos’s professional life will improve, and their efforts will be recognised carefully. Your personal life will also be hampered as you argue with your partner over petty issues.


Virgos’ professional life will become progressive, and innovations will occur. The Virgos will end up neglecting domestic happiness as well.


For married people, there are better times than this. Even the professional life of the Librans could be more suitable, and they need to be extra cautious, especially against the competitors.


They can complete all professional commitments; however, there can be disputes between colleagues.


The professional life of Sagittarius will be balanced, and they will be able to get a good amount of business knowledge as well. There will even be mutual understanding in their personal lives.


Capricorn will exhibit resentment in their speech and behaviour, bringing in rudeness in their dealings with other people.


Aquarius will exhibit irritation and stubbornness in their behaviour; hence, career-wise, this will make life difficult for them.


For Pisces, this is not a good time. Efforts might fail, and opponents might create pressure and spoil the image of the native in the professional world.

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