What is Manglik Dosha and How To Avoid Its Ill Effects

An astrologer is the right person to create the birth chart based on the time and place of a person’s birth. Every person in the world boasts a unique birth chart or Kundali that defines the personality and fortune of the concerned person. Astrologers can understand and explain every nitty-gritty of the chart. The birth chart of a person depicts the position of different planets as well as Rahu and Ketu in the concerned his/her Kundli. Most Hindus are aware of different doshas or yogas like Manglikyoga, KaalSharpa yoga, Shapit yoga, and so on. According to astrology, every dosha or yoga has its significance in a person’s life considering the position of the planets in his or her birth chart or horoscope. While a dosha may be good for say Ram, may not be good for Shyam. It depends on various parameters regarding whether a dosha or yoga will bring good or bad to a person’s life.

As explained by Shree Somok, a reputable Vedic astrologer in Kolkata, Rashi, and Lagnaor ascendants are the two components of a person’s life required to create his or her birth chart through which an astrologer can anticipate the past, present, and future of that person. Usually, the position of Chandra or Moon determines the Rashi of a person. On the other hand, Lagna is determined based on the time of birth of an individual and thus it leaves a major impact on the individual’s life.

Manglik dosha – Basics

As it comes to astrological dosha or yoga, ‘Mangolik’ is the term that many of you are aware of. Many people have this dosha in their horoscope. A person is defined as a Manglikwhen Mars is positioned in his/her 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th house or the Lagna or the 1st house out of the 12 houses. Mars is said to be malefic when it is situated in any of these mentioned houses. But if Mars is in retrograde motion, it won’t be considered to be Manglik.

The term ‘Manglik’ is derived from Mangal which means something good or blessed.  Mangal means Bhouma or earth. Thus Manglik dosha is often known as Bhumi dosha or Kuja dosha.

Manglik dosha – Complete explanation

As already mentioned Manglik dosha is also called Bhumi dosha since Mangal means Bhouma or earth. Therefore, anything that involves Bhumi, like a house, can be related to Manglik. Bhumi dosha can actually be defined as Manglik dosha. It directly relates to bhumi/earth, i.e., anything that is on earth like land, a house, or a flat. However, it is also related to two-wheelers. People having Manglik dosha in their horoscope may have issues with purchasing land, house, flats, or two-wheelers. Therefore, they shouldn’t buy these things in their own name. Otherwise, it may cause harm to their life.

Rumours/Myths about Mangolikdosha

According to Astro Shree Somok, Manglik dosha has nothing to do with a marriage that often astrologers interpret. It’s a completely wrong notion. When it comes to marriage, the position of Brihospoti/Guru or Jupiter in the case of the bride and the position of Shukra or Venus in the case of the groom are considered. Mars or Mangal has nothing to do here. Dishonest astrologers spread the rumour that Manglik people are likely to face an unhappy, disturbed, and even disastrous married life.  And as such, they often recommend the would-be bride to go for a KumbhVivah where she gets married to the Sun, Banana tree, etc. before getting married to the actual groom, to overcome the bad effects of the Manglik dosha. These are all bogus. Unscrupulous astrologers deceive people by fabricating facts about Manglik dosha, being involved in shady dealings, and deceitfully earning money.

Remedies to overcome Mangolikdosha

Being Manglik doesn’t always mean something bad. Manglik dosha has many good effects as well. But people are more concerned about its ill effects and thus they look for remedies. As explained by Shree Somok, perhaps the best astrologer in Baguiati, more than 50% of the total global population has Manglik dosha in their horoscope. Though our life is completely controlled by the almighty, we, the mere people don’t have the power to refute his will. Still, there are a few tricks that people may acclimate to alleviate the bad impacts of different doshas. And here is a small list of things you can follow to lighten the cons of being a Manglik.

  • Manglik dosha often results in disputes and turmoil regarding purchasing land, a house, or a flat. Oftentimes, a Manglik person after buying immovable property in their own name faces ill health, dissension in the family, financial crisis, and even death in the family. So don’t buy any immovable property in your own name.
  • You should marry after the age of 30, preferably between 30 and 32.
  • It would be good to feed your brother Laddu – whether it’s your sibling, cousin, or neighbour, every Tuesday.

So, don’t be afraid of being Mangalik, in terms of your marriage. It has nothing to do with a marriage. Rather, refrain from buying an immovable property as well as a two-wheeler in your own name, if there is Mangalik yoga in your horoscope.

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