Unveil The Secrets of Past Life – How Astrology Can Be Helpful?

Unveil The Secrets of Past Life

Vedic astrology has always been the guiding light for those seeking answers about past, present and future life situations. It is a scientific and proven method of interpreting human nature and behaviour and also a successful way to reveal the secrets of past life.

The influence of the celestial bodies on human behaviour and nature can be rightfully interpreted from the birth charts. Are you looking for answers about your past life? Then, approach renowned Vedic astrologer in Baguiati, Kolkata, Shree Somok for accurate answers.

With the help of karmic examination and their application on the soulful journey of life, Vedic astrologer in Kolkata can unveil past secrets.

Natal chart study for past life analysis

To get accurate results, astrologers often study the native’s natal chart. This chart is unique for every individual, and it depicts the pictorial representation of the sky at the time of the native’s birth.

Simply put, it is a guiding map with proper locations of the planets, sun, and moon that gives a clear picture of the memories. However, a few planetary movements and positions might change with time. However, the results are mostly the same.

What are the planetary effects on themes of past lives?

To assess the past life themes, the planets play a major role. For instance, the moon’s position on a native’s natal chart determines the emotional links of the person with family, loved ones, friends and colleagues.

On the other hand, Saturn is the representation of Karmic lessons, and hence it helps to understand the personal development and evolution of the native in the past life.

What is Karmic astrology?

Again, with the help of Karmic astrology, which certainly deals with people’s past lives, astrologers can get to the roots of the past life analysis of any individual. Karmic astrologers generally interpret past events with the help of natal charts. It helps them see through the obstacles, challenges, and successes they have experienced in their past lives and analyse their importance in the present.

How do progressions and transits affect?

Along with the facts mentioned above, transits and progressions also play a pivotal role in determining an individual’s lifelong journey and personal development. These progressions are the resurrected forms of energies from the past that affect the present’s developments.

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