The Transition of Saturn and Impact on the Horoscope of 12 Zodiac Signs in 2023

The transition of different planets controls the horoscope of 12 zodiac signs in any given year. Here is a great discussion on the effects of the most powerful planet Saturn or Shani aka GrahaMaharaj, in 2023.

The transition of Saturn and its influence on the fate of people of different zodiac signs

Shani or GrahaMaharaj spends 2 ½ (two and a half) years in the zodiac sign it enters. On the other hand, Moon or Chandrama controlling the mind spends only 54 hours or roughly two days while Jupiter, Sun, and Rahu spend one year, one month, and one and a half years, in a zodiac sign, respectively. Though many astrologers claim that the effects of Saturn’s transition can be altered with some sort of charities or chanting mantras, that’s a wrong notion. Saturn is the lord of justice. You can’t change his verdict by bribing him or wearing rudraksha/gems, or using Shri Yantram. The GrahaMaharaj ensures that everyone gets punished accordingly for their ill-doings. Similarly, he rewards for good work. His effects are reflected slowly. He doesn’t mean to harm. Rather he purifies. Saturn ensures that we can rectify ourselves against the wrongdoings/sins committed deliberately. No astrologer can change the verdict of Saturn. Planet Saturn has three visions – he sees the third, seventh, and tenth houses/signs in terms of his existing sign.

Shani or Saturn belongs to the Servant category. But it doesn’t mean that he is a servant. Rather, he makes us work hard and earn money. And it’s his instruction that is implemented in our life. Every person has at least two SareSaati in their life. If you can’t rectify yourself during this tenure, the third SareSaati would be much more painful for you.

Planet Saturn or Graha Maharaj enters Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi on 17th January 2023. From there he looks at Taurus or Vrisha (3rdroom), Leo or Singha(7th room), and Scorpio or Vrishchik(10th room). Let’s check out what Shree Somok, the best astrologer in Kolkata says about Saturn’s effects on different zodiac signs in the year 2023. This is just a gross prediction though. For individual predictions, you may contact him.

1. Aries or Mesha

The people of Aries should have control over their anger and emotions. Otherwise, it would create a problem for them. They may suffer from headaches or stomach issues. So they should take care of their health. They may suffer in respect of their children. By applying their intelligence, Aries people can gain and improve. They may earn sudden money from the share market or something like that. People engaged in research work may grow in their studies.

2. Taurus or Vrishabha/Vrisha

Though there will be a flow of money, Vrisha must be careful about their expenditure. They may have to spend injudiciously. They may face monetary losses. The students belonging to this zodiac sign should be careful about their studies as their concentration level might be distracted by unwanted issues. People of Taurus, who are in a marital relationship, are very likely to suffer from family problems. They are likely to face a bad phase regarding their mother and her health. People, who don’t have mothers, may get bad news or face negativity from their maternal home. The people of VrishaRashi, who misbehave with their spouses do injustice to them, would suffer a lot. They may defeat in court cases or pay undue penalties.

3. Gemini or Mithun

Elder brothers or sisters of Gemini people may suffer from health issues. The people may, however, enjoy profits. They may face losses as well. So they must be careful about their personal finance. Gemini people might suffer, from shoulder pain as well as neurological issues like memory or ENT issues. Short journeys might be painful for them. Mithunjatakas and jatikas should be careful about their paternal or maternal uncles. They shouldn’t share any confidential information with them.

4. Cancer or Karkata

Cancer people will enjoy progress in their careers as a result of very hard work. They may get promotions or incentives. They will get bad news from relatives or acquaintances. They would get into trouble with their children. They can be disheartened, sorry, or insulted by harsh words from their kids. On the other hand, people belonging to KarkataRashi will gain unexpectedly.

5. Leo or Singha

People of SinghaRashi will suffer from health issues, especially those who don’t have a healthy lifestyle, consume restricted like outside, salty or spicy food, or drink alcohol. ShreeSomok, the top astrologer in Baguiati suggests that if they don’t control their food or drinking habits, they will suffer a lot from head and stomach issues.  They may also suffer from land/property issues and wastage of money in terms of their house or property. Leo people will face conflicts with their father or someone equivalent to a father like an uncle. They will face progress in life. But at the same time, they might have to suffer unexpectedly.

6. Virgo or Kanya

The Virgo people engaged in research work would have to be anxious about the result of their research, as the outcome of Saturn’s transition. But, they will get good results in their studies. But during the first 6 (six) months of the year, they might face pain and sorrow. They may suffer from neurological problems as well. However, they will have an improvement in their fate. Kanyajatakas and jatikas shouldn’t share any good or confidential news with their paternal or maternal uncle. They also shouldn’t disclose information regarding the initiation of any good or auspicious work with their paternal or maternal uncle. Virgo people will suffer losses or wastage of money despite being calculative or frugal.

7. Libra or Tula

By being careful about the children, the Libra people will expect good things from them. Tula jatikas can expect something good from their husbands as well. People of Tula Rashi should invest carefully. They should be careful about their marital relationship. Or else, it could suffer. 2023 is a good time for Libra people, in terms of monetary profit. But they should always put effort and work hard to ensure a good result.

8. Scorpio or Vrishchik

The professional arena is very likely to be in a good position in 2023 for the people of VrishchikRashi. They will obviously have monetary gain, promotion, or incentive. But they will suffer from family problems. They should be careful about their health to avoid illness. Vrishchik jatakas and jatikas shouldn’t share anything good beforehand with their paternal or maternal uncle. Otherwise, their effort may go in vain. They should be careful about the health of the father or father-like figure as there is a chance of bad fate in this sector.

9. Sagittarius or Dhanu

The Sagittarius people will face pain/sorrow/disturbance in terms of their children. They will travel short distances. But their tour is likely to be painful and harassing. They would suffer from issues in their pelvic region/shoulder/heart. They will earn unexpectedly. They would have conflicts with father/father-like figures/bosses. So avoid any arguments with them as it may go worse. Though they will have a pilgrimage, they will do some unethical work, too!

10. Capricorn or Makara

Makara people will have plenty of opportunities. But due to their precocious behaviour, they may lose them. They shouldn’t try to convince anyone unwantedly and apply wisdom/intelligence/talent judiciously. They can get emotionally hurt by new relatives or acquaintances. Their family peace will be maintained. They should be careful about their mother’s health and avoid fast driving by all means. Makara people are likely to be engaged in research works. They are likely to become more knowledgeable and that will help them prosper in their studies and work. But they shouldn’t try to do anything unwantedly.

11. Aquarius or Kumbha

The people of Aquarius will have good fortune during 2023. They are unbiased and intelligent. To prosper and excel in life, they should remain slow but steady. They may face problems or sorrow in terms of their brother/sister or anyone close to their heart including their life partners.

12. Pisces or Meena

The Pisces people will face huge expenditures despite being calculative about their income and expenses. They should be careful about their personal finance. They may get bad/painful news in terms of their relatives. The people Meena Rashi will suffer from leg/stomach/waist/neurological problems. So they must be extra careful about their health. They will have plenty of earning opportunities or get a job. However, they shouldn’t take out any loans. They will have a great time till October/November. After that, they may face an adverse phase.

Destiny can’t be changed. You can’t change what is written in your fate. The impact of Saturn’s transition can’t be denied. There is no such remedy. Shree Somok, the best Vedic astrologer in Kolkata suggests that you get guidelines from a knowledgeable astrologer who can tell you about your past and present. Then only you should trust him/her and allow to make predictions about your future. He says that to keep GrahaMaharaj pleased, you don’t have to bribe him. Rather, be a good, honest, helpful, hardworking, and unbiased person. Be respectful of your parents and teachers. Don’t hurt them and have a good life.

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