The Influence of Mercury in Different Houses of The Horoscope of an Aries Ascendant

Vedic astrology believes mercury to be the lord of the 3rd house of a birth chart. Unfortunately, this planet works in an adverse/negative/harmful way in the life of the people with Aries lagna. But there are exceptions. Mercury is not a malefic planet by nature. But owing to conjunction with other planets of the horoscope, it sometimes gives malefic results, especially to the Aries ascendants.

Let’s have a quick look at how the planet works while situated in different houses of the birth chart, for the Aries ascendants.

Mercury in different houses 

1. Mercury in the 1st house of Aries ascendants– Mercury in the first house gives success usually after 30 and that too after putting in efforts as predicted by a renowned Vedic astrologer in Kolkata. The planet in Aries sign as the 3rd and 6thlord is responsible for struggle in career. If the planet is in the 1st house along with Venus or Sun, the person with Aries ascendant may get success in competitive exams and earn well. Mercury in the Lagna gives an easy life initially and popularity amongst people of the opposite sex. The middle part of their life can be stressful but with a stable married life. Such natives may have a career in the media or writing field.

2. Mercury in the 2nd house (Taurus) of Aries ascendants – This position gives success and wealth mostly after marriage. The spouse will be supportive. When the planet is in this house as the 3rd and 6th lord, it makes the native optimistic and hardworking, and to get success in advertising and marketing industries. The individual may suffer from health issues.

3. Mercury in the 3rd house of Aries ascendants – This is a good placement for Aries Lagna. The natives may have a good career in journalism, media, blogging, sports, or the metrological field. He or she can be a news/sports reporter. The native can be good at writing and good as an artist. Honesty and wisdom are the keys to success in the native’s life. Financial prosperity is expected to get after marriage.

4. Mercury in the 4th house of Aries ascendants –The best astrologer in Kolkata predicts that Mercury in the 4th house (Cancer) as the 3rd and 6th lord gives a family life of mixed emotions with a good spouse and a successful career. The planet is good in the 4th house of the Aries ascendants, especially in terms of real estate and agriculture businesses, travel and hotel businesses as well as legal matters. The natives are expected to become self-employed after 36. They may have trips to foreign countries and even settle there for some years.

5. Mercury in the 5th house of Aries ascendants –Such natives are likely to have a bad romantic life after some good initial months. They would have many ups and downs in their love life. They may suffer from despair and aloofness. Sometimes, they have a secret relationship as well. The natives may not have a good married life and experience defamation. They can be good as athletes, coaches, cinematographers, novelists, publishers, editors, etc.

6. Mercury in the 6th house of Aries ascendants –Mercury in Virgo is somehow the best placement for the Aries ascendants. The natives may become detectives, secret agents, officers in the crime branch, civil directors, police officers, and lawyers. They may gain in litigations and conflicts. But they may face divorce as predicted by a good astrologer in Kolkata.

7. Mercury in the 7th house of Aries ascendants –Mercury in Libra ensures a good married life and a good partnership business. The natives would get success and wealth after 25. They will do good in their career. However, they may face some health issues and involve in unnecessary expenses. They are likely to be a good diplomat or a high-class politician. They may crack civil services.

8. Mercury in the 8th house of Aries ascendants –Mercury in the Scorpio sign may give success to the Aries ascendants in the fields of spirituality, yoga, occult science, meditation, magic, and astrology. The natives may not get a good domestic and married life. At an early age, they may not get success/wealth and have to struggle a lot. But they can expect stability after 50. They can get property from in-laws. They may have good education overseas.

9. Mercury in the 9th house of Aries ascendants –Mercury in Sagittarius sign often makes the native Aries ascendants travel bloggers, guides, philosophers, writers, teachers, professors, and scholars. They may get a good education in a foreign country and earn good wealth there but after 31-33. They may incline toward foreign communities and cultures.

10. Mercury in the 10th house of Aries ascendants –Mercury in the 10th house or Capricorn sign may make the Aries people sports stars, actors, media personalities, social and political experts, filmmakers, cameramen, editors, painters, poets, etc. The natives are likely to get success, after 28. They may earn wealth and popularity in life. They may have a good love as well as domestic life. They can be successful in the field of management, software, or finance.

11. Mercury in the 11th house of Aries ascendant –Mercury in Aquarius can make people with Aries Lagna good entrepreneurs, salespersons, HR officers, and mechanical or electrical engineers. They would have good contacts with government authorities, celebrities, politicians, and police officers. They can be good administrative heads in the government sector or managers of esteemed companies. They can get success in business as well. They are likely to get help from family.

12. Mercury in the 12th house of Aries ascendant –Mercury in Pisces sign can make the Aries ascendants an astrologer, tarot reader, writer, government agents, artists, singers, actors, poets, social media influencers or fashion designers. They travel a lot and often settle in foreign with a lot of prosperity and money after 36-39. They can get success in the banking field. But they might not have a good love life and suffer from dejection and isolation at a young age. They might have good children.

Well, these are some generic assumptions about the people with Aries Lagna. For more detailed and specific predictions, the natives may consult a reputable and trustworthy astrologer.

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