Sun Transit In Leo 2022: What Will Be The Impact On The 12 Zodiac Signs?

In Hindu religion, Lord Surya has been given a special significance. Considered one of the most prominent planets in our galaxy, Sun has been given the status of the King. According to astrology, Surya represents the soul of the human being. Sun provides light and energy without which life isn’t possible for anyone – be it on Earth or the entire universe.

On 17th August 2022, the Sun entered its own sign – Leo. It will remain in Leo for a period of 30 days till 17th September 2022. The Sun’s position in Leo is the ideal period to improve your capacity for power, leadership, and material manifestations as well as communication with all levels of the government. Our solar system centres on the Sun and places Leo at the centre of life as well as in the centre of their families.

For some individuals, the energy of the Sun transit will boost their initiatives and give enlightened wisdom to their efforts of analysing, organising, and acting. Others who might experience ego issues may consider how the Sun rises daily without pomp and delve further into the power of that calm and stillness.

Wondering if the Sun transit will be beneficial for you? Read on.

Effects of Sun Transit on Our Lives explained by best astrologer in Kolkata: Zodiac-Wise Horoscope & Remedies


Ruled by planet Mars, Aries is a fire sign. The transit will occur in 5th house of Aries where Sun will be in Mooltrikona, meaning it will affect your learning positively. People who work in government agencies and other professions will be blessed by the Sun. You will be able to develop and succeed during this time. Owing to the Sun’s transit, business people can make a lot of money through proper investment.

Remedy: Recite Rudrakshtakam on a daily basis during this period


Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus is an earth sign. During this period, Sun will transit into the 4th house (home, family, and inheritance) for Taureans. As a result, the focus will be on areas of life ruled by the 4th house during this period. This is a great time for students to achieve success in life. Similarly, this period will be enjoyable for lovers. However, homemakers should exercise caution with their spouses since they will have major differences.

Remedy: Read the Hanuman Chalisa daily for increasing your stamina and energy and prevent the shortcoming of this period. 


Gemini is the zodiac sign ruled by Mercury. Sun will transit into the 3rd house to the Gemini natives, making it easy for them to endure the situations of their life in this time. Students can easily qualify for competitive exams during this time. However, those who are investing should be cautious and take appropriate precautions. 

Remedy: Read the Aditya Hriday Strota in the morning every day to gain a lot of energy


Cancer is the zodiac sign ruled by the Moon. The Sun will transit through the 2nd house (inheritance, wealth, and Kutumba of this sign. The ascendant will benefit from the courage, prosperity, strength, and prosperity. Married couples will find it simple to make decisions of their future. This is an excellent time for students to make decisions on a specific course of study.

Remedy: Narrate “Om Namah Shivaya” 108 times every day.


The Sun is the lord of the Leo sign. For Leo natives, Sun would transit through the 1st house (self, the physical body, personality) during the Sun transit in Leo 2022. The focus for Leo would be in the areas that are governed by the 1st house during this period. Throughout this time, people of this zodiac must play closer attention to their beauty and fitness. It is advisable for you to develop some good habits during this transit.

Remedy: Read the “Bajrang Baan” once every day to enjoy the benefits from this transit.


The Virgo is ruled by Mercury. During Sun transit in Cancer 2022, Sun will transit into the 12th house (unconscious, loss, deprivation, and foreign land). The focus for Virgo during this period will be governed by the 12th house. The exact impact of Sun transit in Leo will be felt by Virgo natives in their 12th house, causing trouble for Virgo ascendants. Although this period might be challenging for students, they may get selected for government exams. Between lovers, there will be the possibility of romantic relationships.

Remedy: Narrate Rudrakshtakam once daily.


Libra is the zodiac sign ruled by Venus. Sun is the lord of Libra’s 11th house of (wealth, gains, income, and profit). Natives will experience spiritual, social, and financial gain during this time. Libra natives can expect it to be favourable period for them. Athletes can achieve success in their chosen sports during this time. Those in business must make investment decisions during this period to benefit from sales.

Remedy: Sing Gayatri Mahamantra 108 times daily


Sun is the lord of the 10th house (profession, karma, career path, social status, and deeds) for Scorpions. During the Sun transit in Leo 2022, Sun would transit in the tenth house. During this period, the focus for Scorpions will be in the areas governed by the 10th house. Professionals under this zodiac would excel in the workplace during the Sun transit. It would be a smart choice for Scorpions to invest in land for business purposes.

Remedy: Narrate the mantra “Om Hanu Hanumate Namah” 108 times every day to enjoy benefits.


For Sagittarians, Sun rules the 9th house (of spiritual values, religious beliefs, dharma, fortune, dutifulness, ethics, and morality). Owing to the influence of Sun, people of this zodiac will be brave during this period. During this period, students will find it easy to understand the concept, thus letting them achieve success in the examination. It is important for Sagittarians to pay attention to their actions for achieving the best results with the best thoughts since negative thoughts might create problems in life.

Remedy: Read Shri Guru Gita once daily.


Capricorn is ruled by Saturn – a slow-moving planet. During this transit period, Sun will move into the 8th house (rebirth, ambition, passion, longevity, mystery, occult, secrets, and death). Since Capricorns may face professional risk during this time so natives entering any speculative enterprise must be cautious. It is advisable that Capricorns refrain from getting involved in dirty politics, office conspiracies, and gossip.

Remedy: Narrate “Om Namah Shivaya” 108 times in the morning every day.


For Aquarians, the Sun is the Lord of the 7th house (relationships, marriage, and partnerships). During this planetary transit, Sun will move into the 7th house and as an impact, natives of Aquarians will focus on the areas governed by the seventh house. Relationships of married couples may occasionally suffer tense arguments and conflicts. Those in business, especially the ones involved in partnerships, will experience uncertainty during this period.       

Remedy: Narrate “Bajrang Baan” throughout this period to reap proper benefits.


For Pisceans, Sun transits in the 6th house (health, competition, accidents, fitness, jobs, and services). As a result, this Sun transit will have mixed effects on Pisces natives. During this period, your intuition will be strong and you can trust your intuition. As a result, Pisceans can better judge individuals and circumstances. Pisceans involved in the public sector would have a great time taking control of their personal attributes and other areas of their lives.

Remedy: Narrate the Durga Strota Namavali daily.

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