How does the Movement of Venus affect Sagittarius and Other Zodiac Signs?

According to all Vedic astrologers in Kolkata and beyond, Venus, the brightest planet among the nine planets of the celestial system, is associated with love, luxury, beauty, wealth and luck. Also known as the Shukra, according to astrology, Venus is the fetcher of positivity and happiness in the life of the native. Sagittarius, predominantly ruled by Jupiter, is highly affected when Venus enters the same. Since Sagittarius has a fire element, the natives will experience spark and energy when Venus enters.

Apart from that, Venus also has long-lasting positive effects on both personal and professional aspects of the life of every zodiac sign. To learn more about this, book your appointment with the best astrologer in Kolkata.

Effect of Venus on Aries

The effect will bring luck and positivity in the life of Aries. However, since the nature of Aries is impulsive, when Venus enters the same, they need to be calm and composed. Romance will be abundant in life, and it is certainly one of the best times to get married. Utilising the excess energy that Venus will generate for health and fitness can make positive changes in the life of Aries.

Effect of Venus on Taurus

Venus is considered to be inauspicious for the Taurus natives. The natives affected by Taurus must avoid taking loans and getting married as both might be unfruitful. They can also experience health issues.

Effect of Venus on Gemini

The conjecture of Venus with Mars on Gemini will bring positive news in the love life of the natives. For business, foreign collaborations are appreciated.

Effect of Venus on Cancer

With a smart thought process, the natives with Venus can succeed in professional competition. However, do not take loans as it is not a favourable financial investment opportunity.

Effect of Venus on Leo

Leo will experience over-the-top romantic feelings for their partner, triggering a comfortable love life. It will also be a great time for them to make investments and indulge in self-speculation.

Effect of Venus on Virgo

Venus is the ruling lord for all Virgo natives. Hence, the comfort, luxury and convenience will increase as soon as Venus merges with Mars for a Virgo native. They will get unlimited financial gains as well.

Effect of Venus on Libra

It is the best time for them to make diplomatic relationships and improve their networking skills. It is also favourable for married couples to ignite the spark in the relationship.

Effect of Venus on Scorpio

It is the best time for the Scorpios to invest in worldly possessions and become preoccupied with new clients in business.

Effect of Venus on Sagittarius

The Sagittarius natives will have high knowledge throughout Venus’s time in transit. This phase will help the natives to overcome difficulties easily.

Effect of Venus on Capricorn

Venus makes a beneficial window for the natives with Capricorn signs to search for new job opportunities. This is the right time for them to build strong business relationships.

Effect of Venus on Aquarius

Aquarius will enjoy many materialistic pleasures when Venus starts ruling the 4th and the 9th houses of this zodiac sign. It is also a good time to create fond memories with your loved one.

Effect of Venus on Pisces

All efforts at the workplace will be successful and help bring innovation to the career. It is a good time for the natives, with Venus ruling the sign, to invest in innovative projects.

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