Effect of Planet Transit 2023 on Zodiac Signs

Planets play a vital role in an individual’s life. Even a slight movement of the planet from its original position can cause mayhem in your life. Planetary transit is thus a very deeply researched part of Vedic astrology. Simple planetary transits cause changes in the house zodiac signs and affect the birth chart of the individuals.

Are you going through a rough financial phase? Is your relationship at stake? Are you feeling negativity in your life for some unknown reason? Then definitely, there’s been a change in the planetary transits that have affected your zodiac signs.

To understand the phenomenon, you must understand the importance of planetary transits and when planetary transit takes place.

What is planetary transit important in astrological predictions?

Not every planet moves at the same speed. Some are fast, while others take years to move and change their positions. For instance, Saturn’s planetary transit is slower than Mercury’s. As planets move from one zodiac sign to another, they trigger cosmic influences on every sign.

According to Vedic astrology, the planets’ regular transition, also known as the “Gochar”, is important in determining the planet’s effect on the individual’s fate at a particular time.

Generally, when the planet moves, it transits from one nakshatra or star to another and from one zodiac sign to another. So when the planets encounter the Nakshatras, benefic or malefic effects fall on the native. Simply put, the benefic effects bring positive changes and generate happiness, while the malefic effects might ruin and devastate the native’s life.

How do different planetary transits work?

Among the different planets, the Sun is the ruler of the planets, and the Sun’s transition adds strength to a native’s life. It gives a native the strength to face challenges and bring positivity.

While Mars transition will encourage the natives to show vitality and be active in all types of work, they consider doing throughout the years. If the position of Mercury is favourable, the native can easily expect business gains. In the education sector, a favourable Mercury will also improve the native’s knowledge-acquiring power.

Again, if Jupiter is in a favourable condition during the transit, the native can expect moral support from the near and dear ones. Venus has the same impact as Mercury, but the extent of the impact might differ depending on the zodiac signs.

Among all planetary transits, Shani ki Dhaiya, which lasts for two and a half years, occurs when Saturn transits over the 4th and the 8th house. Depending on the zodiac sign, this planetary transition plays an important role in the native’s life. Similarly, the transit of Saturn over the 12th,1st and 2nd houses lasts for around seven and a half years, which can be troublesome and positive for the native, depending on the type of zodiac sign.

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