Astrological Insights: What the Horoscope Holds for 2024

With the onset of a new year, everyone is eager to learn about the positive and negative aspects in store for them. A closer look at the horoscope predictions for 2024 from Astro Shree Somok, one of the renowned astrologer in Kolkata, will help you be prepared for the best and the worst.

Check out your fate this year.


This year will be prosperous for Aries in terms of wealth gain because Jupiter will transit in Aries from the beginning till April of this year. This is a good time for Aries natives to get a promotion at their workplace. However, they should take proper care of their health as they can get affected by diseases related to gastro disorders, blood problems and diabetes issues. For natives struggling at the workplace, this is a great year for success.


Mercury and Venus will reign on Taurus from the beginning of the year and create a positive economic condition for the natives. Apart from a few issues at the end of the year, the natives belonging to this sign will benefit from business and profession equally.


There might be a sudden increase in financial expenses from March to April. Moreover, the natives must pay attention to health issues and start taking proper care from the beginning of the year. For entrepreneurs, business situations will be better. There will be chances of financial gain in the later years.


This is a good year for Cancer natives as all old differences will be resolved, and you can start making innovative plans for economic gains. There will be profits wherever you’re planning to invest. Only keep in mind not to make hasty decisions as they might turn out to be ineffective.


For Leos, if there are any pending issues or works, they will be completed within April. Moreover, this is a good year for business and jobs. An individual will prosper and get new ventures. However, there are chances of accidents and injuries; hence, natives belonging to this sign must be careful, especially during the end of the year, and make changes in their eating habits.


Ketu is transitioning into this sun sign, and hence, from the very beginning of the year, the natives must start making financial decisions thoughtfully. Moreover, disagreements might increase, and hence, the native must be alert and must keep the relationship maintained.


Natives under Libra might face problems and differences in opinion with the family members. However, gains from property are inevitable. When income increases, there will be a sudden increase in the comfort and luxuries of life. However, be careful with your health so there’s no problem later.


Natives under Scorpio will be under Shani’s Dhaiya throughout the year. Although mental stress will be there, the person will encounter high financial growth. They will get success in all types of work, and their sources of income will also increase. However, they should note their eating habits and check on their smoking habits to remain healthy throughout the year.


This is a good year for the students as they will achieve immense success in their educational fields and become interested in religious activities. Although there are no major financial gains this year, your expenses might increase. Keeping track from the very beginning is thus important.


Mars is going to transit into Capricorn, giving the natives the opportunity to make financial gains. The year is positive for students and employees alike. There will be gains in educational fields as well as professional gains.


Expenses in technology will bring profits to business. Government-related disputes will come to an end, and businesses will get a lot of profit. For students, this is the best time to travel abroad and settle.


This is a successful year for the natives, bringing success in every field of professionalism. However, they should take care of their health as there are chances of urinary tract infections, heart problems, and lung problems. People in different professions will get promotions; however, it is not a good year for them to trust anyone unquestioningly.

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